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OS X Yosemite and El Capitan compatible

System Requirements
OS 10.6 or later.
RAM: 2Gb
Minimum free disc space 200MB

Order by Monday, May 30th

The finest Astrology software exclusively for the Mac

The foundation of all astrological exploration and research is the chart. Io Edition gives you the ability to produce the most accurate precision charts and graphs available to astrologers today. Io Edition is ideal for
beginning astrologers and a must own
for counseling or research
Io Edition is more powerful
than ever!
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TCR has created a collection of smart interpreters that let you create a detailed interpretation of any astrological chart with the click of a mouse. Eight great programs include Natal, forecasting, relationship, medical astrology, a very special child's horoscope, and the new Lunar and Solar return.     Read more >

NEW Io Secondary Progressions
Interpreter Report Software.   Read more >

TCR Special - for advanced astrologers
Solar and Lunar Return Interpreter pak with bonus Midnight Ephemeris. Two excellent new programs in one special package. To read more about each program just click on its title.

Download them both now for just $249.00
Save $190.00

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Charts come to life with Io Sprite.
Watch in real time as planetary influences change and are modified by the cyclic movement of these heavenly bodies. If you are a counseling astrologer or considering it, this program is a must. When a client calls for answers you can be on top of the moment.     Read more >

One of the most exciting new techniques to come into astrology in the last century is the development of the relocated chart. Io Cartography gives you three different techniques with which to explore a relocated chart. You'll find this program one of the most fascinating you own. Geographic location DOES matter.     Read more >


Researchers love this program - of course. But, it's not just for them. If you are an astrologer, professional or amateur you find that you build files of more and more charts. Looking for specific events, common characteristics or whatever you might think of is easy with this program. Drag-and-drop lets you move charts easily and quickly.     Read more >


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