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OS X Sierrs and El Capitan compatible, Not compatible with Catalina

System Requirements
Mac OS Versions from 10.6 through to and include Mac High Sierra and Mojave.
Not compatible with Catalina beta.
Minimum free disk space 200 MB


Like many of you I first encountered astrology through an introduction to my own chart. What I learned about myself then was amazing, and today, some decades later, I am still amazed by what astrology has to offer anyone with a sense of curiosity.

When I started in astrology everything was pretty much done by hand. Computerized astrology was still in the future. As an electrical engineer I was naturally drawn to the new personal computers and to Apple specifically. Though the first Apple computers were quite humble, Apples soon became Mac's and their power and capabilities grew exponentially. Their operating system was and is the most intuitive and user friendly, and their handling of graphics was and is by far the most advanced.

In 1985 Apple produced the first Fat Mac with the ability to produce really hi-res astrology glyphs, charts and graphs. In 1986 Time Cycles launched our Graphic Astrology line of software.

Our enthusiasm for astrology and the Mac continues unabated. Our line of software has expanded to include more advanced techniques, a line of intelligent chart interpreters, a real time astro-clock, and an amazing Astro Cartography module. We write ONLY for the Mac because it allows us to create software that actually works with you as you explore astrology. Nothing in our software runs in "emulation" or is "ported over" from a Windows program. As you can imagine that means we do not have the problems others experience.

During our 25 years we have prided ourselves in creating the finest astrology software for Mac owners. The speed, precision and accuracy of our software is unmatched. As a result we enjoy the support and friendship of thousands of astrologers and the astrologically curious around the world. Our customers become our friends which makes our work a true pleasure.

Whether you are new to astrology, a casual amateur, a new student or an advanced Professional Astrologer (counselor or researcher), you can depend on TCR's software and the support of the team behind it.

Dennis Haskell and the Time Cycles Research Team

Call us at 860-444-6641 or e-mail us at


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