The new TCR "Infinite Atlas" is the
culmination of nearly two years of
work by our programming team.

Time Cycles Research recently completed and began shipping a new atlas with all of our software, and software upgrades. The new TCR "Infinite Atlas" is the culmination of nearly two years of work by our programming team. The release of this sophisticated new atlas represents a significant advance in a critical component of all astrology software, one that ensures the accuracy of your charts, graphs and reports.

Here is why we created our new Infinite Atlas for Time Cycles Research customers.

Old atlas technology - A time change takes place anywhere in the world, for example the U.S. extends DST, the state of Indiana divides itself into two time zones, President Chavez changes time for the entire country of Venezuela; such changes happen all the time. ACS or the company responsible for providing updates to the atlas would periodically send these changes to all astrology software companies (Mac and Windows) - we hope. In the past each astrology software developer would then add the new information to their particular atlas, and our customers would be advised of the update. If we were unable to contact you or if you failed to install or missed an update you may have used (or be using) outdated data when creating a chart for one of the changed locations. That's just the way a database and the old ACS atlas worked. That is the way a standard database functions. And that was reality for ALL astrologers . . . until now.

New TCR "Infinite Atlas" technology - TCR's new Infinite Atlas is linked directly to a world time data component that has become a part of the Mac OS (10.5 and later). Our new Infinite Atlas monitors this component of your Mac operating system, and instantly recognizes time changes that occur around the world, automatically using that information to properly calculate charts, graphs and reports in all of our software. TCR customers no longer need to wait for an update from us or to worry about having missed a notice. The new "Infinite Atlas" makes staying current with world time changes simple, effortless, and accurate. This new atlas technology is only available from Time Cycles Research for TCR Graphic Astrology software, and only for the Mac.

Dennis and the TCR Development Team

(If you are currently using an older version of our software, we recommend contacting us about moving up to the new atlas.)

The new Infinite Atlas is included with initial purchases and updates.  

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