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A message from Stephanie Johnson:

You are receiving this newsletter because our respected and valued colleague Dennis Haskell is retiring and will no longer be developing his Io Series of software. We would like to wish him all the best in the next stage of his life journey.

In seeking replacement software for the Io programs Dennis was most insistent that his loyal customers be provided with top quality replacement software and the kind of customer support that he demanded of his company and that we too ask of ourselves. We are honored that he chose our company and Astro Gold. You have our promise that we will do our best to deliver the software and support that you have grown to expect.

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Important for you to know

Astro Gold is fully compatible with all of the new Mac operating systems including the latest CATALINA.

You will be able to instantly import all of your current Chart Files from your Io Software to Astro Gold without issue. We have been granted exclusive permission to do this by Time Cycles Research and Dennis Haskell.

We are also providing all Time Cycles customers specially discounted cross grade price on Astro Gold. Simply click the appropriate link below, based on the Version of Io Software you have

– TCR Version 8 customers your price is just$99.00 Click here and use the coupon code
– All earlier versions of TCR software$129.99 Click here and use the coupon code

Our Esotech Podcast and our YouTube video on Getting Started in Astro Gold macOS will make the transition to the new software easier and faster.

Esoteric Technologies also has an Astro Gold FaceBook Page and group where users actively support each other. Online classes are also available on all of our software.

Technical Support

Technical support is available by emailing: support@astrogold.io where our technical team are available to provide answers to your questions or resolve any issues.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please feel free to contact us at admin@esotech.com.au or 0488 111 078 if you have further queries.

We will listen carefully to those of you who do have particular needs and interests, and we will be continuing to add features enhancing the Astro Gold as we move forward. You can download a demo and check it out. If there is something that you really miss then please let us know. While not making any promises, we do note and carefully consider every request.

Download the demo here: https://www.astrogold.io/get-astro-gold/osx/

Be sure to check out our Astro Gold iOS for iPhone and iPad too. Click here.


Stephanie Johnson
Director of Esoteric Technologies



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