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OS X Sierrs and El Capitan compatible, Not compatible with Catalina

System Requirements
Mac OS Versions from 10.6 through to and include Mac High Sierra and Mojave.
Not compatible with Catalina beta.
Minimum free disk space 200 MB


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What is the most current version of the
Io Series Products?

Io Edition: 8.6.8
Io Sprite: 8.6.8
Io Detective: 8.6.8
Io Midnight Ephemeris: 8.6.8
Io Child: 8.6.8
Io Horoscope: 8.6.8
Io Forecast: 8.6.8
Io Relationship: 8.6.8
Io Body & Soul: 8.6.8
Io Atlas: 8.6.8
Io Quest: 8.6.8
PennDragon Fonts: 3.1
Star Fonts: 3.1
Famous Charts: 2.7

NOTE: If your software is not current please contact us about available updates or upgrades.


How do I get my Software?

All software is sold as downloads and can be downloaded to your personal computer or computers and installed. You can create a backup installer file should you need to reinstall or install on another of your personal computers.

Advantages to downloads: you have your software within 1 business day. You save shipping costs. For our international customers this can be significant savings. International customers save taxes or duty that can be a considerable expense depending on the country. Downloads are the earth friendly way to receive your software.

What If I have No Internet connection, a slow or unreliable Internet Connection? Not to worry.
If you have a problem with your Internet connection - just send us an email to We will contact you and set up delivery of a hard copy of the programs you want in the most efficient and cost effective manner.


Will Io Series software run on my computer?

The currently shipping versions of the OS X Io Series programs are compatible with all Mac OS Versions from 10.6 through to 10.14 and include Mac High Sierra and Mojave.

NOTE: Not compatible with Catalina Beta OS 10.15


How much disk space does the software need?

The latest installation requires 200MB of hard drive space to run.


What is the "Infinite Atlas" and
why is it so important?

Because times change, and we mean that literally!
Old atlas technology - A time change takes place anywhere in the world, for example the U.S. extends DST, the state of Indiana divides itself into two time zones, President Chavez changes time for the entire country of Venezuela; such changes happen all the time. ACS or the company responsible for providing updates to the atlas send the new changes to all astrology software companies (Mac and Windows) - we hope. We then add the new information to the atlas and our customers are advised of the update. If we could not reach you or if you failed to install or missed an update you may have used outdated data if you created a chart for one of the changed locations. That's just the way a database and the old ACS atlas work. And that was reality for ALL astrologers until now.

New TCR "Infinite Atlas" technology — TCR's new "Infinite Atlas" is linked directly to a world time data component that has recently become part of the Mac OS (10.6 and later). With our new atlas technology TCR software instantly recognizes time changes that occur around the world and automatically uses that information to properly calculate its charts, graphs and reports. No lag time, no need to wait for an update from us or to worry about having missed an update. Your normal OS updates and upgrades will provide the data you need to stay current with time changes worldwide. Simple, effortless, accurate, and only available from Time Cycles Research for TCR Astrology software, and only for the Mac.


Are the PennDragon or Star fonts useable in other programs?

Any font installed on your computer is available to any program on your machine. Once our fonts are installed you can use them in Quark, Photoshop, etc.


Does Time Cycles Research accept returns?

Time Cycles Research does not accept returns, all sales are final.


What makes Io Sprite so useful?

Io Sprite's unique feature is the ability to show horoscope charts moving through time. Using a wheel like this it is extremely easy to look for specific events during the course of a day, week, year, etc. A transit search can give you similar information but the data is shown out of context. With Io Sprite it is much easier to look at specific events with the surrounding influences. Io Sprite also makes searches for aspects by MC or ASC much easier to handle. Rectification and Event analysis are also much easier to work with in Io Sprite.


Which progression should I use?

The most commonly used is the secondary progression, this can be found in Io Edition.


What is the difference between Composite, Relationship, and Synastry charts?

The main difference between these different compatibility techniques is math. It is our opinion the Synastry method is the most accurate. The following paragraphs describe the calculations for each particular method.

Composite charts are erected by creating midpoints between the two charts. This can be summed up using the formula (Sun A + Sun B)/2 = Composite Sun. Here is an example...Sun A = 10 Scorpio = 220
Sun B = 12 Libra = 192
Composite Sun = 220 + 192 divided by 2 = 206 = 26 LibraRelationship

Relationship charts are created by calculating the midpoint in time and space between the two birth charts. Simply erect a new natal chart based on this information. Here is an example of this calculation.
Person A's birth data
Feb 24 1974
Person B's birth data
Oct 16 1971
112W02Feb 24 1974 at 21:06:00 + Oct 16 1971 at 14:44:00 divided by 2 = Dec 20 1972 at 17:55:0036N09 + 43N28 divided by 2 = 40N05 96W00 + 112W02 divided by 2 = 103W35
Therefore the relationship birth information is...
Dec 20 1972
Use this information for the relationship chart and erect a new horoscope based on this information.

A Synastry chart is simply a list of the aspects and comparative house placements between the two charts. You can view Synastry charts in Bi-Wheels and/or Synastry aspectarians


Does the software calculate Sidereal charts?

Yes, the program can create, display and interpret Sidereal charts using your choice of 12 Ayanamsas.


Which Sidereal Ayanamsas are available?

Shri Yukteswar
Sundra Rajan
Larry Eli
Shill Pond
Djwhal Khul


What years can the programs calculate charts for?

At present, our programs can calculate charts from 102 AD to 2999 AD.


Can you modify the reports from Io Interpreter?

The text from the report writing modules can be edited on a chart by chart or permanent basis.


How long are interpretations?

The reports range in length from 15-20 pages per person, couple, or month. Io Body & Soul's reports are longer, running up to 50 pages. A transit report will depend on the range specified.


What does each House represent?

1 - Personality, Appearance, Environment
2 - Money, Possessions, Self-Esteem
3 - Communication, Siblings, Short Trips
4 - Home, Family, Unconscious Past
5 - Pleasures, Social Life, Children, Creativity
6 - Health, Service, Pets, Skill, Competence
7 - Partnerships, Counseling, Open Enemies
8 - Death, Instinct, Sexuality, Other's $
9 - Long Trips, Adventure, Philosophy, Religion
10 - Career, Status, Reputation, Destiny
11 - Friends, Groups, Future, Wishes, Goals
12 - Karma, Secret Enemies, Self-undoing


What House Systems are available in the software?

Placidus, Koch, Equal, Campanus, Meridian, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Porphyry, Natural, Vedic, Equal (MC), Morinus, Krusinski, Alacabitius, Solar Sign, Whole Sign.


Explain Planets by House as seen on the Data Page design.

Life - Houses 1, 5, 9
Substance - Houses 2, 6, 10
Relationship - 3, 7, 11
Endings - 4, 8, 12
Angular - Houses 1, 4, 7, 10
Succendent - Houses 2, 5, 8, 11
Cadent - Houses 3, 6, 9, 12


What is the correct time zone to use when doing a Solar Return?

The program calculates the Solar Return time from Greenwich. The program will enter the time zone that is in your Mac preferences at the time you are doing the chart. This does not make a difference in the actual Solar Return chart.


What is a T-Cross or T-Square?

A pattern of aspects in which two planets form an opposition and a third planet at their midpoint, in square. Also called a T-Square. Interpreted as a powerful influence on the individual, the opposing planets generating a great deal of tension, often discharged by the focal planet.


What is a Stellium?

Three or more planets in conjunction, or more often merely grouped in the same sign or house. Also called Satellitium.


What is the Medium Coeli (MC)?

Meaning "the middle of the skies", the MC is the point at the moment of birth where the Ecliptic crosses the meridian of the place of birth. As the culmination point, the MC is usually interpreted as representing issues of ambition, career, outward striving, making one's mark on the world. Also known as the Midheaven.


What is the Imum Coeli (IC)?

The opposite point to the MC, often interpreted as representing the most private or secretive part of the chart.


What is a Grand Trine?

A pattern of aspects involving at least three planets which form trines with each other. Usually, these planets will fall in signs of the same element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water), each in its own modality. This pattern is believed to indicate a great deal of harmony in the horoscope, as the planetary energies seem to cooperate with one another.


What is a Grand Cross?

A pattern of aspects involving at least four planets which form two oppositions at right angles to each other. Usually, these planets will fall in signs of the same modality (Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable) each in its own element. This is believed to generate a great deal of friction in the horoscope, often with obvious and creative results. This is sometimes called a Grand Square.


What is a Yod?

It is sometimes called a double quincunx; Finger of Destiny; or Hand of God

It is a configuration that involves at least 3 planets in which 2 of them form a sextile (60) and both them form a quincunx (150) with the third planet. The pattern looks like the capital letter Y. (Also the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, an ideogram meaning hand or pointing finger.)

A yod indicates a strange or unusual destiny. A life can be in an established pattern and then abruptly interrupted and forced to proceed in a new direction.


What are the planetary aspects?

Opposition 180 Trine 120 Square 90 Sextile 60 Conjunction 0 Semi Sextiles 30 Inconjuncts (Quincunx) 150 Semi Squares 45 Sesquiquadrate 135 Quintiles 72 Septiles 51.4.... (360 7) Noviles 40 Quindeciles -It is an aspect of 24, derived by dividing the zodiac into 15ths.


What does declination mean?

The celestial equator is the terrestrial equator extended into space, projected against the background of the stars.

Most planets do not lie in the same plane - they are located either north or south of the celestial equator. The angular distance of these planets (expressed in degrees and minutes) is their declination.


What is a solar arc direction?

It is a degree for a year system that measures movement in degrees of celestial longitude (along the ecliptic) and solar declination arc directions. This measures movement in terms of degrees of declination.


What is a lunar return?

A Lunar Return is based on the Moon's return to its natal position. This occurs every 28-29 days. As the Moon represents our emotional side, a Lunar Return helps us predict how we will feel emotionally in the coming month.


What is a solar return?

A Solar Return chart is cast for the exact time the Sun returns to its position in the natal chart. This helps to predict life in the coming year. It's a personal glimpse of how the transits will relate to your natal chart.


What is a Draconic chart?

It is a chart that is created by shifting the chart so that the North Node is at zero degrees Aries.

This technique goes back to Babylonian mythology.


What are harmonics?

The study of various integral divisions of a circle (e.g. fifths, sixths of 360)

This is an ancient technique not used much by modern astrologers.


What is a Tertiary progression?

Most use the formula "a month for a day"
This approach takes each day after birth as representing a month (lunar month, which is shorter than a calendar month) of life.

This is used far less than secondary progressions.


What is a Secondary progression?

Most use the formula "a year for a day" to predict the future - a relationship between the first day of life and the first year of life. The actual technique involves finding the person's current age and move the planets and house cusps of the natal chart to the positions they occupied at the same number of days after birth as the person's current age in years.
More popular method than tertiary progression.


What is the aspect quindecile?

It is an aspect of 24 degrees, derived by dividing the zodiac into 15ths.


What is an ayanamsa?

The term ayanamsa is derived from the Sanskrit (it has a meaning like precession) to denote the difference in degrees from any given point in time between the fiducial of the tropical zodiac and those of the various sidereal zodiacs. There is no standard arc of ayanamsa.

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