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    Value Pak Sale

    OS X El Capitan and Sierra compatible

    System Requirements
    OS 10.6 or later.
    RAM: 2Gb
    Minimum free disc space 200MB

      Save $65.50

    Without question one of the most amazing miracles on our planet
    is the potential contained within the being of a newborn child.

    A child is everything good just waiting to burst forth and shine for the world. Realizing that potential and the responsibility for helping this new being grow into their fullest possibilities can send a chill through even the most confident parent.

    Guide that child towards a happy, productive and fulfilled adult life.

    Not to fear; an Io Child report is like a very personalized instruction manual that will help parents - or anyone responsible for raising or educating a child - guide that child towards a happy, productive and fulfilled adult life.

    At the instant of their birth a child's astrological chart displays the potential, the natural talents and inclinations they embody. A properly interpreted chart will also identify possible pitfalls that, if not acknowledged and positively addressed, may impede or inhibit them as they grow.

    Each paragraph in an Io Edition report offers those responsible for a young life insights and direction that will help them confidently provide just the right blend of stimulation, direction and discipline the child requires to keep them moving along the right path.

    Whether you are using this software to create reports for yourself, your family and friends, or you are a Professional offering this service to your clients, you will be providing them with a goldmine of information for which they and the child will be forever grateful.

    Soulful Expressions,
    Your Child's Moon

    By Gloria Star .

    Click here to download the free booklet.

    The author: Gloria Star   More Info >

    I love the child software, because it is written to the parents, and in such a nice way. R. Olson

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    Io Interpreters are Professional report software!

    All TCR programs include the automatic "Infinite Atlas" and the precision "Swiss Ephemeris"
    Important Note to Professionals:
    All Time Cycles Research software purchases include the individual license that permits you to sell the output you create using our software with no additional license or usage fees.

    Io Child   $195.00  
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