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OS X Sierrs and El Capitan compatible, Not compatible with Catalina

System Requirements
Mac OS Versions from 10.6 through to and include Mac High Sierra and Mojave.
Not compatible with Catalina beta.
Minimum free disk space 200 MB


Io Horoscope is the ideal starting place
to begin the study of astrology.

The Natal Chart is the birthplace of everything astrological. Most, if not all astrologers entered the astrological realm when they first saw their own natal charts. When that door opened and revealed THEM, they were hooked. It happens to everyone!

Io Horoscope´s detailed interpretations of a Natal chart are an Well crafted, accurate reports, written in clear language. ideal way to introduce someone to a lifelong relationship with astrology and its many personal benefits. Well crafted, accurate reports, written in clear language that even someone with no knowledge of astrology can immediately relate to, makes this software a basic must own tool for anyone interested in this ancient art.

Who uses this program?
Professional Astrologers and Counselors, Students of Astrology, Amateurs of every level of interest, Astrological Entrepreneurs, and non-astrologers who are curious about or want to help family, friends, and associates.

Easy to use? Absolutely! Enter the person's birth information; click the Atlas and the program automatically fills in the correct data required. Then select a chart to open, or use the simple setup window to choose the components of the interpretation you want.

This is by far the best astrological software for the Mac out. Q. Manika

It used to take many hours and a high degree of training and mathematical skill to properly calculate a chart, and even more experience and hours to correctly interpret that chart. Now you can do it with the click of a button in a matter of minutes and with a level of precision and accuracy that could not be matched.

Io Horoscope is the key to the Natal Chart.

The author: Julia Lupton Skalka   More Info >

Io Horoscope   $195.00  

What's in a report?

Calculation Options

Saving / Emailing


Report Appearance

Selling your work

Atlas and Ephemeris

Donald Trump

Natal Chart


Mike Pence

Natal Chart


Joe Biden

Natal Chart


Lady GaGa

Natal Chart


Video Tutorial 9:17 Minutes

Program Screenshots Click on the thumbnails for screen-shots.
Report Options Screen
Chart Data Card
Library / Charts File Screens

Io Interpreters are Professional report software!
All TCR programs include the automatic "Infinite Atlas" and the precision "Swiss Ephemeris"

Important Note to Professionals:
All TCR Graphic Astrology Interpretive reports programs are stand-alone programs that require no other purchase to properly calculate and interpret their respective charts or create their interpretive reports. If you do own other TCR astrology programs, all share chart data, so there is no need to enter chart data a second time. Each program is complete with a built-in Swiss Ephemeris, precision calculation engine and the complete international "Infinite Atlas."

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