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Don’t let the moon be your boss.
Make it work for you.

Astrologers know that our closest planetary neighbor is the most active element of any chart.

In our Natal chart the moon can be a friend or it can be a pest as it bounces its way through the 27½ day lunar cycle, moving from sign to sign, house to house, creating aspects of every sort with the other planets. There is a way to make the moon an ally. Becoming aware of an individual’s personal lunar rhythms allows them ride the ebb and flow of energy each month, knowing when to move forward, and when to pause or step back for a moment. This is what our Lunar Return Interpreter Software is all about.

Meet The Moon! ...reflections on the three lunar returns.
Article by John Townley
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In the pages of a Io Lunar Return Report the reader will see well in advance what is coming their way. They will also be given clues on how to best react to each event – the results are often quite amazing. Life gets better when you are prepared and know how to use the energy generated within your chart in a positive way.

Io Lunar Return also includes an ephemeris of each lunar return cycle, showing essential planetary data including Void of Course times (those critical times during the cycle when one should avoid signing contracts, making important purchases or beginning new adventures), Lunar Phases, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Ingresses and Stations.

Life can be better when you get the rhythm of your Lunar Return.

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Io Interpreters are Professional report software!
All TCR programs include the automatic "Infinite Atlas" and the precision "Swiss Ephemeris"

Important Note to Professionals:
All TCR Graphic Astrology Interpretive reports programs are stand-alone programs that require no other purchase to properly calculate and interpret their respective charts or create their interpretive reports. If you do own other TCR astrology programs, all share chart data, so there is no need to enter chart data a second time. Each program is complete with a built-in Swiss Ephemeris, precision calculation engine and the complete international "Infinite Atlas."

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