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Three different ways to look at relationships in one program.

The questions that bring people to astrologers most often are those about our personal relationships. Is he or she the right one? Will this work? Will it last? What is the problem with our relationship? How do I fix this???!!! Our intimate relationships are important to every part of our lives. Our intimate relationships are important to every part of our lives.

A good relationship can be a wellspring of energy and power for both individuals. It can carry you through life on a wave of success and fulfillment. A great relationship truly can make the birds sing and the sun shine brighter.

The dark side of this picture, when the wrong choices are made, is misery, anger, conflict, confusion, a drain on everything in your being that lets you move forward. Understanding potential positives and negatives of your lives together can make all the difference in both peoples' lives.

In some countries you do not become involved with another, and you certainly do not marry without consulting your local astrologer. This wise rule has been true for thousands of years.

Thank you so much! I love your software
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to everyone!! M.B. James

Our Io Relationship Interpreter software gives you the ability to produce three different types of relationship charts or graphs and interpretations: Synastry, Composite, and Relationship (a Davison Composite). Synastry lets you see how "your stars align." The two composite methods provide an inside look at the "third" participant in a relationship - the relationship itself.

Whether you are a Professional Astrologer, Counselor, Student of astrology, Amateur or just curious — this program will provide you with easy access to a clear picture of our very personal and intimate relationships.

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Io Interpreters are Professional report software!
All TCR programs include the automatic "Infinite Atlas" and the precision "Swiss Ephemeris"

Important Note to Professionals:
All TCR Graphic Astrology Interpretive reports programs are stand-alone programs that require no other purchase to properly calculate and interpret their respective charts or create their interpretive reports. If you do own other TCR astrology programs, all share chart data, so there is no need to enter chart data a second time. Each program is complete with a built-in Swiss Ephemeris, precision calculation engine and the complete international "Infinite Atlas."
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