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The Times of Your Life.

Secondary Progressions is undeniably the most popular predictive technique among astrologers seeking information about an individual's development and their life path.

This software and your Mac computer let you produce precise planetary data with the click of a button and with a degree of accuracy unknown in the past. It is a program that lets you become the master of Secondary Progressions and opens wide a revealing window on the future.

In addition to a comprehensive list of key planetary influences for the period you define, this program gives you It is a program that lets you become the master of Secondary Progressions detailed interpretation of those energies; when they begin, a description of their impact on the natal chart, and when their influence fades. Clearly written advice on how best to use these energies to the greatest advantage is what makes this Secondary Progressions program an essential tool for any astrologer.

The knowledge gained by Progressing a natal chart allows an individual to take greater control of the direction of their life, and to make decisions that will impact the present and vibrate positively through the years ahead. It is a way to lay the proper groundwork for a personal future of success and fulfillment.

The choices you make can be well informed after reading the observations contained in just a few pages of a Secondary Progressions report.

An optional Introduction to Secondary Progressions can be included in the reports you produce Read Introduction >

The author: Gloria Star   More Info >

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Donald Trump

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Hillary Clinton

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Bob Dylan

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Video Tutorial 15:34 Minutes

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Io Interpreters are Professional report software!
All TCR programs include the automatic "Infinite Atlas" and the precision "Swiss Ephemeris"

Important Note to Professionals:
All TCR Graphic Astrology Interpretive reports programs are stand-alone programs that require no other purchase to properly calculate and interpret their respective charts or create their interpretive reports. If you do own other TCR astrology programs, all share chart data, so there is no need to enter chart data a second time. Each program is complete with a built-in Swiss Ephemeris, precision calculation engine and the complete international "Infinite Atlas."
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