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    OS X El Capitan and Sierra compatible

    System Requirements
    OS 10.6 or later.
    RAM: 2Gb
    Minimum free disc space 200MB

      Save $50.00

    Every astrologer knows that the most important date of the year for an individual is the day of their annual Solar Return; the time at which the sun is once again in the exact position it occupied at the time of your birth.

    This event marks the beginning of a new cycle and can determine the tone, tenor and potential of the upcoming months. Your moods, attitudes, feelings, and actions are all influenced by this annual event. Your understanding of these influences and your freedom to choose from the options and opportunities that will be available to you can help you make your new year a positive step forward in your life, your success and personal development.

    Your moods, attitudes, feelings, and actions are all influenced by this annual event.

    Time Cycles Solar Return Software produces the most comprehensive analysis of your Solar Return chart available. Our collaborator on this important program was one of astrology's recognized experts on Solar Returns, Mary Fortier Shea. An experienced astrologer, counselor, and author she presents the information the reader needs in a clear, intelligent style that offers insightful detail and sage advice that is empowering and encouraging. With this knowledge even potentially difficult influences can be turned to the advantage of the person for whom you have prepared the report.

    If you are a Professional Astrologer or counselor, this software lets you efficiently provide your clients with an outstanding Solar Return interpretation. This is the kind and quality of service that will bring your clients back to you year after year as they experience the real life value of your astrological skills.

    By Mary Fortier Shea.
    M.A. Counseling Psychology

    Click here to download the free booklet.

    The author: Mary Fortier Shea   More Info >

    Io Solar Return   $195.00  
    Buy before April 26th  $145  save $50

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    Io Interpreters are Professional report software!
    All TCR programs include the automatic "Infinite Atlas" and the precision "Swiss Ephemeris"

    Important Note to Professionals:
    All TCR Graphic Astrology Interpretive reports programs are stand-alone programs that require no other purchase to properly calculate and interpret their respective charts or create their interpretive reports. If you do own other TCR astrology programs, all share chart data, so there is no need to enter chart data a second time. Each program is complete with a built-in Swiss Ephemeris, precision calculation engine and the complete international "Infinite Atlas."

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