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List of all Io Series software by Calculation, Interpreters, Modules, and Special Packages.

Important Note to Professionals:
All Time Cycles Research software purchases include the individual license that permits you to sell the output you create using our software with no additional license or usage fees.

  Professional Charting Program




Io Edition

Advanced color charting program
Io Edition is our most advanced calculation program. Our professional charting program is designed to deliver accurate and beautiful charts effortlessly. Powerful design features allow you to adjust color, size, fonts and more. Io Edition will produce natal charts, solar and lunar returns, progressions, transit searches, midpoint trees and much more!
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$195.00 $149.50
Io Cartography

Our masterfully designed Astro-Mapping module
Io Cartography is our latest add-on module for Io Edition. The mapping module is designed to deliver accurate and beautiful AstroCartography maps effortlessly. A well thought out tool bar gives you easy access to all of the many map options.
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$129.50 $69.50
Io Detective

Astral investigator
It's never been easier to quickly search through thousands of charts. You can search to find clients or friends instantly. Io Detective enables you search using specific criteria. Search by Sign, House, Aspect, Degree, Quality, Element, Name and Date.
Io Detective is the perfect tool for exploring the Famous Charts Collection. The Famous charts collection is included FREE with Io Detective.
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$195.00 $99.00
Io Sprite

Dynamic Astrology
Find astrological events instantly! Today's chart is always displayed moving at real time when you launch the program. Io Sprite has a powerful search engine, indispensable for finding important planetary events. Control the direction and movement of the planets through time with a click of a button. Customize the color and display of planets and aspects. Io Sprite may also be used as a screen saver.
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$195.00 $99.00
Io Midnight Ephemeris

Instant and Accurate ephemerides!
Io Midnight Ephemeris is proof positive that computers and astrology are, (excuse the pun) a match made in heaven. Before we created the algorithms required to determine exact planetary positions at any moment, astrologers had to create these essential and very complex documents by hand. This required not only incredible skill, but literally hours of work. Quite often the results were, shall we say less than accurate.
♦ This program is an Io Edition plug-in module. More Info »

$49.00 $29.50

  Interpretation Programs
Professionally written reports at your fingertips. For those who need automatic interpretation assembly, we offer a fine line of chart interpreters. These programs all come complete with professionally written text with accompanying charts. Io Interpreters can be used by beginners with almost no knowledge of astrology, as well as professional astrologers. Beginners will find these programs useful as learning tools, since the programs creates in-depth explanations for each of the astrological phenomenon in a chart. Professional astrologers can save time using the program's interpretation assembly feature to rapidly create interpretations using the built-in descriptions or their own interpretive text.

Io Secondary Progressions

Secondary Progressions Interpretation
Secondary Progressions is undeniably the most popular predictive technique among astrologers seeking information about an individual's development and their life path.
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$195.00 $149.50
Io Lunar Return

Lunar Return Interpretation
Even short term shocks of lunar energy can turn a day on its head, shifting it almost instantly from good, to bad, and then back again. This happens day after day, and month upon month.
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$195.00 $99.50
Io Solar Return

Solar Return Interpretation
Every astrologer knows that the most important date of the year for an individual is the day of their annual Solar Return. This event marks the beginning of a new cycle and can determine the tone, tenor and potential of the upcoming months.
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$195.00 $149.50
Io Child

Natal Interpretation
Our newest interpreter program was written exclusively with children in mind. With amazing accuracy, Io Child produces natal reports that will help parents and teachers discover every child's potential. Create reports that are gender sensitive and personalized with the child's name throughout the report. With its fully customizable layout and color sets, Io Child produces reports that you can be proud to give as gifts to new parents.
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$195.00 $99.50
Io Horoscope

Natal Interpretation
The Natal Chart is the foundation of all astrology. Everyone wants to learn more about themselves and others. Io Horoscope's enlightening reports reveal your physical, emotional and psychological make-up, and the way you interact with others. These comprehensive reports include everything you need to create professional Natal reports of approximately 20 pages.
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$195.00 $129.50
Io Body & Soul

Natal Interpretation
Interesting, as well as insightful, Io Body & Soul can help everyone from the beginner to the professional learn how to improve themselves physically and spiritually. Learn what foods you should be eating to improve your health. Find what areas of your body are susceptible and how to treat them naturally. Use aromas and colors to enhance your state of well-being. Discover your personal gemstones and flowers.
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$195.00 $99.50
Io Forecast

Transit Interpretation
Io Forecast is the perfect choice for analyzing your future. It's quick and easy to assemble reports for periods as short as a day or as long as an entire year. Io Forecast's informative text will help you to prepare for new opportunities, and how to avoid costly pitfalls. Io Forecast covers a variety of topics like romance, travel and business.
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$195.00 $139.50
Io Relationship

Compatibility Interpretation
Io Relationship's comprehensive reports will show you the way to make the most of any relationship. Have you found the love of your life? Maybe you're getting ready to enter a new romantic relationship. Perhaps you are about to form a business partnership. Let Io Relationship show you the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship. This program produces Composite, Relationship and Synastry reports.
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$195.00 $149.50

  Io Series Modules

Io Infinite Atlas

FREE with the purchase of any program or package
TCR's new Infinite Atlas is linked directly to a world time data component that has recently become part of the Mac OS (10.5 and later). With our new atlas technology TCR software instantly recognizes time changes that occur around the world and automatically uses that information to properly calculate its charts, graphs and reports. No lag time, no need to wait for an update from us or to worry about having missed an update. Simple, effortless, accurate, and only available from Time Cycles Research for TCR Astrology software, and only for the Mac.
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Io Quest

Io Quest is an application included FREE with any software purchase.
Io Quest will give you a detailed time change history of any of the more than a quarter million worldwide locations contained in the software's Infinite Atlas.
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Artistic fonts
Add a touch of elegance to your charts. The PennDragon fonts collection allows you to personalize your charts with twelve unique styles. They include calligraphy, bold, geometric, lite, script, and more. This package is great for desktop publishing and graphic arts work.
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$79.50 $49.00
Star Fonts

Glyphs Fonts
The Star Fonts are an eclectic collection of astrological glyphs and characters designed to be used within text and design documents. The variety of characters lets you express your personal creativity when creating astrological documents or reports, presentations or graphs.
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$79.50 $49.00
Famous Charts

Birth information of famous people
Our Famous Charts Collection contains birth information for over 3,000 famous people. Here it is, the perfect learning tool and a fun addition to all of your Io Series programs. The collection contains a dozen categories like artists, leaders, athletes, infamous people, and musicians, so finding an archetype should present no problem. You can spend hours pouring over chart after chart, studying such personalities as Jodie Foster and Tiger Woods. This pack is great as a learning or research tool!
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$79.50 $49.00
Io Converter

Convert hundreds of charts quickly and easily to your preferred Zodiac and House system. (Included with every order!)
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  Special Packages

Additional 10% off on all Paks
Io Enterprise

Io Edition + Io Horoscope + Io Forecast + Io Atlas +
Io Converter + Famous Chart Collection
Reg. $1,134.00     Save $635.00More Info »

$479.00 $431.10
Io Starter Pak

Io Edition + Io Horoscope + Io Forecast + Io Atlas +
Io Converter + Famous Chart Collection
Reg. $664.50     Save $365.50 More Info »

$299.00 $269.10
Io Pro Pak

Io Edition + Io Detective + Io Cartography + Io Sprite +
Io Midnight Ephemeris + The Famous Charts Collection + Io Atlas
Reg. $922.50     Save $518.40More Info »

$449.00 $404.10
Io Interpreter Pak

Io Horoscope + Io Forecast + Io Relationship + Io Body & Soul + Io Child + Io Atlas + The PennDragon Fonts Collection
Reg. $1054.50     Save $625.50More Info »

$429.00 $386.10
Io Advanced Interpreter Pak

Io Secondary Progressions + Io Solar Return + Io Lunar Return + Famous Charts Collection + Io Quest + Io Converter
Reg. $664.50     Save $265.50More Info »

$399.00 $359.10
Io Value Pak

Io Edition + Io Cartography + Io Midnight Ephemeris + Io Sprite + Io Detective + Io Horoscope + Io Forecast + Io Relationship + Io Body & Soul + Io Child + The Famous Charts Collection + The PennDragon Fonts + Io Atlas
Reg. $1897.50     Save $1148.50More Info »

$749.00 $674.10

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