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OS X Sierrs and El Capitan compatible, Not compatible with Catalina

System Requirements
Mac OS Versions from 10.6 through to and include Mac High Sierra and Mojave.
Not compatible with Catalina beta.
Minimum free disk space 200 MB


A dynamic charting tool with extraordinary full-color capabilities, the first choice among top astrologers for doing any kind of fluid chart analysis.

No astrologer's toolbox can be considered complete unless it contains Io Sprite.

This remarkable tool allows you to observe charts spinning forward or backward in time at actual or accelerated speeds. You can view several charts in motion simultaneously, and you can halt any chart at any instant for saving or printing. Convenient palette windows allow you to assign colors independently to chart elements, relocate charts in both time and space, and view the effects of one chart upon another using dynamic bi-wheels. Together, these unique features make it easy to apply a wide range of advanced techniques that would otherwise prove exceedingly difficult or impossible to do with a conventional charting program. Io Sprite supports a comprehensive array of zodiac and chart types as well as extensive preference settings and friendly keyboard shortcuts.

Search functions
Io Sprite also has some amazingly powerful, yet easy to use search functions that let you define an event or a particular planetary placement and then with a click - move instantly to each time it occurs. You aren't just viewing that event as an isolated object - you see the whole chart and all of the influences at play - then you can put it in motion and watch it evolve.
Search: Aspects, Stations, Specific Planetary Positions, Ingresses, and Returns.

Dynamic charting
Io Sprite is linked to your computer's clock, so today's chart is always instantly displayed, moving at real time every time you launch the program. If this isn't quick enough, just fast forward into the future.

Customize Colors
The Color Palette gives you control over planets, asteroids, nodes, aspects, background and wheel colors. Five color sets let you save your favorite color combinations for printing and on-screen viewing.

Custom Display
The Sky Points Window provides you with control over the chart display. For example turn on only the specific planets you are studying for a more focused analysis.

Event Searching
Find these events instantly:

  • Aspects
    Jupiter conjunct Sun
    Take advantage of this fortunate period

  • Stations
    Mercury retrograde
    A bad time to buy that new car

  • Ingresses
    Jupiter in the 2nd house
    A favorable time to invest money in a new project

  • Planetary Returns
    Saturn Return
    Reach a new level of maturity

  • Positions
    Enter the exact degree that you wish to find

  • Bi-wheels
    Display your natal chart in a bi-wheel and watch your transits as they occur

Io Sprite   $195.00  
Screen Shots Click on the thumbnails for screen-shots
Events/Aspects Events/Stations Events/Positions Events/Ingresses
Events/Returns Speed Control Points Palette Bi-wheel with Events Window
Video Tutorial 5:49 Minutes

Suggested uses for Io Sprite

  • Rectification
  • Natural Astrology
  • Horary Astrology
  • Economic Astrology
  • Electional Astrology
  • Agricultural Astrology
  • Relocation Astrology
  • Mundane Astrology
  • Search for specific astrological events for example, Mars Trine Jupiter; Mercury Retrograde; Jupiter at 25 Leo 32, Moon in the 8th House, or any planetary return.
  • Spin charts forward or backward in time at actual or accelerated speeds
  • Halt chart motion at any instant in time
  • Save charts for future use
  • Display and print Io Sprites wheel in full color
  • Assign colors independently to symbols, wheels, and backgrounds
  • Display multiple charts simultaneously and instantly relocate charts in time and space
  • Use dynamic bi-wheels for advanced chart analysis
  • Fully AppleScript Scriptable and Recordable
  • 10 House Systems with the choice of Tropical, Heliocentric, Sidereal zodiacs (including 12 sidereal ayanamsas), and Whole Sign

What others are saying about Io Sprite:
I saved the best for last. :-) Star Sprite is linked to your computer's clock so it can calculate "real time" planetary movements. Easily one of the most fun and fascinating programs in the Io Series, Star Sprite takes Astrology into the 21st century using current computer technology along with the ancient studies. You can actually observe the movements of the planets, with option to choose only the specific planets you're interested in studying.
Star Sprite's event searching capabilities make this program an essential tool for every astrologer from
amateur to professional.
Software reviewer Beth Lock

Add this program to your Io collection for only $195.00

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