Upgrades and Updates –
What’s the difference?
Updates & Upgrades

Updates to your software are always free. We are continuously working on our software, tweaking it to improve performance; making minor changes that we think make a program better or adding small features that make your experience with the software more rewarding. Sometimes we are responding to minor changes Apple is making in their operating system or hardware. Updates are issued for the current shipping Version only.


Upgrades mean the introduction of a new software Version which will include the addition of significant new features to a program or programs or as a response to major changes Apple makes to their operating system or hardware. Upgrades give you more options and tools and assure that your programs will function efficiently and with the dependability and accuracy you have come to expect from your Time Cycles Software. You ALWAYS have a heavily discounted upgrade path.

Before upgrading your operating system or purchasing a new Mac you should always review all of your software for compatibility with the new system.

Current versions of the Io Series Products:

  • Io Edition: 8.6.8
  • Io Sprite: 8.6.8
  • Io Detective: 8.6.8
  • Io Midnight Ephemeris: 8.6.8
  • Io Child: 8.6.8
  • Io Horoscope: 8.6.8
  • Io Forecast: 8.6.8
  • Io Relationship: 8.6.8
  • Io Body & Soul: 8.6.8
  • Io Atlas: 8.6.8
  • Io Quest: 8.6.8
  • PennDragon Fonts: 3.1
  • Star Fonts: 3.1
  • Famous Charts: 2.7

  • Contact us for details of the programs you own
    and your discounted Upgrade cost.

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    Email: astrology@timecycles.com

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