Io Interpreters Video Tutorials

The videos below each provide a short tutorial covering a specific feature or function of a Time Cycles Research Astrology program. Click the tutorial to launch the video.

How best to view videos:

  1. View in Full Screen by clicking symbol at bottom left corner of video
  2. Do not move your cursor during playback, this can block view of top menu
  3. Control volume with slider at bottom of video

Safari has known problems viewing videos. If you have difficulty we suggest switching to Chrome or you can download them directly to your computer by clicking here and selecting the video you wish to view.

Using Io Horoscope Interpreter Io Horoscope Interpreter 9:17 Minutes
How to use Io Horoscope Interpreter.
Using Io Forecast Interpreter Io Forecast Interpreter 10:45 Minutes
Using your Io Forecast to create transit lists and interpretations.
Using Io Relationship Interpreter Io Relationship Interpreter 15:12 Minutes
How to use Io Relationship Interpreter.
Using Io Relationship Interpreter Io Child Interpreter 13:22 Minutes
How to use Io Child Interpreter.
Io Lunar Return Io Solar Return 12:56 Minutes
How to use Io Solar Return Interpreter.
Solar Return Chart and Report Creating a Solar Return Chart and Report 9:10 Minutes
Simple and fast. Go back or forward in time with a click.
Io Lunar Return Io Lunar Return 11:55 Minutes
Create a Lunar Return report for any month with a complete Ephemeris.
Io Secondary Progressions Io Secondary Progressions 15:34 Minutes
Creating Secondary Progressions Transit list and interpretation.
Interpreter Title Page Add a Chart to Interpreter Title Page 3:54 Minutes
How to add a chart wheel to a title cover page of any of you Io Interpreter reports.


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